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About This Food Guide

This is an unofficial tool to help avoid starvation in Don't Starve, an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic, by Klei Entertainment, available on Steam.

This tool requires a modern web browser and is officially supported in recent versions of: Chrome/Chromium, Firefox, Safari, and Edge; on desktop or mobile

Maintained as a community effort. Last content addition: August 6, 2023

About Don't Starve Food

Perish time is the time before a food item becomes Rot. Halfway through this period, it will go stale, and give health and hunger, as well as no sanity. Food spoils at three quarters, giving only hunger and no longer giving any health. Eating spoiled food will decrease sanity by . Food dropped on the ground will perish at a rate of (or in Winter, in Summer), while keeping it in the Ice Box will reduce the rate to .

Foods that provide warmth or cooling work like a thermal stone; when eaten, they provide a heat source at a particular temperature for a period of time. Eating another heating/cooling food within this period will replace the earlier effect.

Recipe priority determines which recipe a food combination will make; only the highest-priority possible recipes can be produced by a batch of ingredients.

In recipe requirements, cooked/uncooked usually doesn't make a difference. If it does, then only the valid form will be listed.

About DLC and Don't Starve Together

Which foods and recipes exist in each version of the game gets a little complicated. For this reason, there are buttons in the upper-left that let you switch modes for a game. Click on a badge to switch to the mode for that game; you can also right-click on badges to toggle their individual recipes and ingredients on and off.


The Simulator works like a Crock Pot: add items, and it will tell you what food will be prepared. Note that only the highest-priority recipes will be candidates when actually cooking in-game. The combined totals at the top reflect the ingredients added, where perish time is the shortest. The suggestions below the real results show what recipes could be made by adding different items to those already in the Crock Pot.


The Discovery tab is finds what recipes can be prepared using a collection of ingredients. It doesn't take item quantity into account, instead assuming you have four of each. You are also able to calculate efficient recipes using your ingredients to get the most health or hunger benefit from cooking them in the crock pot. This works identically to the Statistics Analyzer tab, but limited to your inventory.

Statistics Analyzer

The Statistics Analyzer tab is for those who just want to explore ingredient combinations. It will calculate every valid ingredient combination possible (using an "ideal" ingredient selection, generally excluding uncooked food) and allows filtration by recipe and ingredient contents. Computation may take some time on slower computers.


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